Our Scanning & Imaging Services

In a business environment where organizations are looking for ways to cut costs and increase productivity, document imaging systems are providing the most dramatic impact since the copy machine replaced carbon paper.

Our System

The unique document imaging system allows us to scan your documents into a computer at close to a half-second a page. The documents are indexed, OCR'd (Optical Character Recognition) and made ready for easy search and retrieval.

We convert paper to digital and microfilm. We even take your old microfilm and microfiche and convert them to digital. Old rolls of film that weren't blipped can now be converted and blipped.

Needs Analysis

As a direct result of the complex nature of records retention, as well as various government and industry laws, we offer a consultation to determine the exact scope of your organization's requirements for digital imaging.

Preparation of Documents

Once your needs have been determined, the next step is to design the files for scanning. During this process, we organize each sheet, set scan parameters, set index patterns, remove staples, paper clips, and generally get everything ready to scan.


We use incredibly fast, high-speed commercial scanners programmed for each job and networked to a workstation using state-of-art software. Even large documents the size of construction blue prints can be scanned and printed. Once scanned, both the software, and our quality control team will analyze each page for legibility. This hi-speed process is both manual and automated.


Once scanned the images are enhanced and ready to have a name associated to them. In this naming convention or "indexing", not only will we add a name or an "index" to a file, but we also have the capability to add and populate multiple indexes per page or file. Properly defining this step will permit your staff to rapidly and efficiently retrieve the files from storage later. We can even scan for optical character recognition (OCR) for searching on almost any word in the document.

Storing Options

Finally, we put your files on a variety of media depending on the total size of the project and your needs. We can even store documents on our secure server for your retrieval through our SILO data center by anyone authorized in your company to have access. Whether they are stored on CD-ROM/DVD-ROM or an external hard drive with USB capabilities or even direct transfer to your net-work server or individual workstation, we have a solution that will meet your specific needs.

If your organization requires rapid access to files, why send a clerk to the storage room when you can retrieve the document off your servers.